Design and Development
  • How long does it take to build a website?

    This very much depends on the size of the website, the features required and a range of other factors. Once a request is submitted and the scope of work has been finalised, a contract setting out a proposed timeline for the development will be provided.

  • Is it just me that builds the website?

    I take pride in the work I deliver. To keep standards high I develop most of the work myself. On some large projects I may outsource some back-end development work or hire a junior developer to meet deadlines.

  • How much will a website cost?

    Website prices vary according to the project requirements. Websites tend to have different layouts, functions, components, styles, modules etc and therefore vary in price. One page may take days to create whilst another page may only take a couple of hours. The overall cost of the website will be determined when I know your requirements. Please see my website pricing guide to get an idea of prices for different types of websites.


Storage and Performance
  • Do I provide website and mail hosting?

    Yes. I have a high performance virtual private server (VPS) with:

    • Dual power supplies and A/A feeds
    • Premium Intel Xeon E5 Processors capable of performing and managing any workload
    • Increased stability and performance with the latest generation of DDR4 RAM
    • SSD storage which guarantee high-speed
    • Plesk 12.5 control panel with client access to manage your account
    • Webmail and mailbox accounts for POP3 configration
  • How much does website hosting cost per year?

    I have three tiers of web hosting depending on the size of the site. Small websites start at £89+VAT per year, small business packages at £149+VAT per year and large website (e-commerce, Perch Runway sites) from £199+VAT per year.

  • What is the server performance like?

    The server is fast and delivers content quickly. It has a guaranteed 99.9% up-time and it is not "shared hosting".

  • Can I setup IMAP on the mailbox?

    Whilst the server supports IMAP and POP3, I do not allow IMAP configuration for mailbox accounts. All mailboxes come with a 500MB limit which is more than enough for POP3 configuration. If you require IMAP configuration then I suggest you consider using an external service such as Gmail for business.


Something Else
  • Do I build Wordpress sites?

    I do not develop Wordpress sites but I can happily build you a licensed CMS website using Perch.

  • Can I work at your premises?

    Yes. It may be possible to work at your premises if desired. Please note that any travel and accommodation is charged to the client.

  • What level of support do I provide?

    Support can be arranged in the form of a service agreement after the website has been built. You can choose from ad-hoc upgrades and repairs chargeable by the hour or you can pre-book allocated development time each month. Please note that any unused credit can rollover within a 12 month period and be used for larger development work. All support agreements are done on a 12 month basis.

  • Do I offer payment plans?

    Payments for websites are generally done in part-payments. I normally request 25% as a deposit which is then followed-up by a further 25% when development starts. The final 50% is payable before the website is signed-off and made "live".

  • Can I accept credit card payments?

    At present I do not accept credit cards. In exceptional circumstances I will accept PayPal but a 3.4% fee will apply. I am looking to integrate a payment solution in 2017 for hosting and support subscriptions.